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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Chilli Chicken

Hi friends, Here is the recipe for chilli chicken with step by step pictures. One of the visitor named Mrs Hema Balakrishnan, got married recently and moved to Florida asked me for the recipe with step by step images. Well, she also mentioned she is very new to the cooking. Well Hema , i would love to wish you a happy married life, and also would like to say, that i was also the same when i got married.....but now i learnt cooking is such a fun and easy task when we know what we are up to. Friends, my first recipe on spice-india was chilli chicken, but i did not start it with step by step pictures. So here i am glad to re post my first fav recipe with step by step instruction and pictures. I am really happy and glad to see people posting me and asking for recipes. Well, here is the recipe just for you..........

Ingredients :

Chicken - 500grm ( Skinless and boneless. Chop into small pieces)
Corn flour - 10 tsp
Plain flour - 10 tsp
ginger - very small ( skin out, and chop into very small pieces...because we are going to use it directly to our recipe without grinding)
Garlic - 4 piece ( Chopped into small pieces)
Onion - 1 ( Chopped into length wise)
Green chilly - 3 ( Chopped length wise)
Cornflour paste - 1/4 cup ( Add 2 tsp corn flour with 1/4 cup of water and mix well)
water - 1/4 tsp
Ajinomoto - a pinch
Salt - To taste
Food colouring - orange ( 2 pinch)
Oil - To fry
Viniger - 1 tsp
Soya sauce - 1/2 tsp
Green Capsicum - 1/2 ( Chopped into small squares)

Preparation :

* First take the chicken , clean it and skinout. Chop it into small pieces.
* Then add the cornflour and plain flour to it and mix well, sprinkling some water. Make sure you marinate it generously.
* Then heat oil in a pan, and fry the chicken ( Remember - There is no need to add salt , you could marinate and fry it immedietly)

* Keep the fried chicken aside. If you are very concern about the oil, then place it on a plate with few tissues on it. * Now take a pan, add 3 -5 tsp of oil. Then add the chopped ginger and garlic and fry till the raw smell disappears.

* Then add the chopped onion and fry till golden brown. * Add the green chillies and the capsicums and fry till the capsicums are soft
* Then add 1/4 cup of water and 1 tsp of viniger and allow it to boil for 5 mins.
* Then add the soya sauce, ajinomoto and cook for 2 more mins.
* Now add the corn flour water to it and allow it to boil for another 3 - 5 mins. You can see the sauce to thinken. * Now add the food colour and salt and mix well. Now the sauce is ready and when it starts to boil, the chicken is ready to be added.
* So what are you waiting for , add the chicken.
* Mix well. Check for the salt.

Hmmmmm the yummy chilli chicken is ready to be served...........make sure you reserve yours...hmmmmm yummmmmmm........


  1. Hmmm very Delicious chili chicken...wish to have a spoonful now :D

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  5. Hi balakrishna saraswathy, thanks for your wonderful comments.

  6. Hey Akal, thanks yaar......i too wish the same.

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  9. Looks mouth-watering...yummy...
    wil definitely try itt..!!