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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Kitchen Tips

It was in the past olden days, where women use to spend loads of time in kitchen. But in todays modern days, the most expensive commodity is "Time". Yound women today are totally nonplused and do not have patience to learn through advice or trial and error method. So those who are new to kitchen, and dont have time to spend much time in kitchen, has to surely need some handy tips to know to save time and efforts.

There where days, where i was very much new to the kitchen. As a newly married bride, i came to UK leaving back my parents and relations. It was a tough time for me to go and cook something for my hubby. So many errors and wastage. I was totally clueless about running the house. In my endeavour to become a perfect cook and a homemaker, i really spend lot of time in getting tips my my mom, grandmother, friends, and going thro so many books. Here are the few tips which i learnt from my mom, grandmothers, friends and relatives, and also few whom i come arcoss. Hope these tips would be useful for someone like me.

Cooking Tips :
* Add 1 or 2 pieces of betel nuts are excellent meat tenderizer.
* To maintain the original colour of spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, keep them in ice-cold water just after boiling them.
*To prepare vegetable biriyani with meaty flavour, add little of lemon grass while cooking it.
Cleaning Tips :
* To remove stubbirn stains from utensils, soak them in water with little bleach. Leave them overnight and wash next day.
* To clean the microwave, sprinkle some baking soda on a damp cloth and wipe off the stains. This way you can clean the microwave without making any scratching.


  1. Hi Lavanya, You really have a very good site. You site has been very useful for people like me, who were very new to the kitchen. You do rock with each and every post. And this kitchen tips are one more helpful post for new commers.

  2. Hello Lavanya,
    Rava laddu recipe was too gud... now gonna try out with chiken bhatra... thanks a ton!