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Monday, 16 March 2009

Spicy Tandoori Chicken

Hi friends, how was your weekend???...Hope and wish it should have been good. Talking about my weekend, it really went upsetting after failing my very first driving test in UK. Did 2 majors and 3 minor mistakes. I was totally upset. ( Any one would be upset rite???). But still i managed to come out of that and tried to get back to my day to day work.

So, this is the reason for me to not logging in my system. But my loving daughter and husband really worked hard to bring me back to happy mood. And now i am back here typing these things to you. Thou i was upset i did not forget to feed my family ( Because thats what mom's are made of ). I prepared Spicy Tandoori Chicken, which is the most wanted choice of my hubby and my daughter. But although i am eager to share it with you, i decided to contribute this recipe to Blooger Aid.

BloggerAid is a wonderful network of international food bloggers, who have come together to contribute for the alleviation of hunger world wide. Their latest fundraising project is a cookbook featuring International cuisine and profits from the sales of the book will be directed to School Meals, a program of The World Food Programme (WFP), the United Nations frontline agency.

I am really so excited to participate in this contribution.

We cannot post the recipe now. Hope my recipe will be included in the cookbook.....


  1. Ho lavanya, the tandoori chicken looks delicious, Waiting for the recipe ya.......

  2. looks crispy and perfect! yummm!

  3. Yummy...I see this early in the morning...i'm gonna crave for it the whole day now:)...looks delicious.

  4. Hi anni, ya sure i will post the recipe soon after the cookbook has come for sale...

  5. Thanks Poornima.........Thnaks for your wonderful comments ya